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Firewood For Sale Near Ferntree Gully, Victoria

Firewood For Sale

When the majority of the population lived on farms or near the bush, firewood to heat your home or stock your oven, was never a problem. However as we have become a more suburb oriented society, gathering firewood on a regular basis has become harder and harder.  So businesses have sprung up with firewood for sale to help people get "ready to burn" firewood delivered to their home.  Following is my take on what you should look out for...


At Manna Gum Building And Garden Supplies, we sell two main types of firewood.  First is our mixed hardwood which are premium grade hardwoods that burn effectively in both open fires & combustion heaters. This mix does not separate species. Species included can be iron-bark, grey-gum, stringy-bark. All of our mixed hardwood is sourced from areas that abide by the State Laws covering sustainable, regulation, long term firewood suppliers. The other firewood we sell is Redgum.

Why Do People Like Redgum Firewood So Much?

Redgum firewood provides a lower flame with higher heat which means it smokes less than other woods and lasts longer.  Since it burns hotter without high flames it is perfect for indoor open fireplaces as it doesn't leave very much ash to clean up, reducing your work load.  It also has a nice scent to it when it burns so again for an inside wood it is lovely.

Is Moisture Content Important?

In short, the answer is Yes. Simply put, for wood to burn it needs to be dry enough to do so. So it needs to burn away any water within it, this results in a direct loss of energy and subsequently the fire will burn cooler.

This cooler fire leads to less combustion – the process of converting carbon (wood) into heat and increases the smoke that is created from burning.

A hot fire,  using quality, well seasoned hardwood, in the correct manner will produce little to no smoke and greatly reduce the ash left behind.

At Manna Gum we make sure that all our wood is delivered to you under the threshold of 25% moisture, which is considered dry and ready to burn.  Normally our wood is between 14% and 18% but since sometimes we need to drive through rain to deliver it to you, it can move up to the 20% mark.

To Get Delivery Or Not?

We deliver the firewood to your home in one of our trucks.  Firewood is heavy and takes up a lot of room.  To get a couple of cubic meters of firewood delivered to your home will save you an awful lot of work and protect your vehicle.  If you have a Ute or big trailer though, feel free to come down to our site at 1170 Burwood Highway, Upper Ferntree Gully and pick up as much as you wish.

How much should I buy?

Customers generally buy between 3 and 9 cubic meters through winter. A small open fireplace as in a Victorian Lounge room will burn around 1 cubic meter of firewood a month.  However you you keep that fire going 24 hours a day you will probably need 2 cubic meters.  Obviously if you use wood outside as well for a BBQ or Fire Pit, then you will need more.

With firewood for sale, is there a reason to buy more at once?

Yes there are a few actually.  Firstly, there are significant cost advantages in buying in bulk – as you only pay for delivery once.

Secondly, firewood is a non-perishable product that generally improves with age as long as it is kept dry.

Thirdly, we know from experience that the supply of firewood during the middle of winter struggles to keep pace with the strong demand. This can be for various reasons, including heavy rain at the suppliers’ end and a depletion of stocks throughout Melbourne.  Either way, the ore you can buy and store, the happier you will be when you need it.

How much is Firewood For Sale?

It depends on the availability of the firewood and the quality.  We only sell the highest grade firewood so as to avoid any unhappy customers and save us from having to replace bad wood.  We also keep it well under the accepted 20% moisture rating.  The more you buy more you will normally save.  Call us on 9752 2434 and ask us to quote a delivery to your home.

Should I buy kindling?

Yes, you should buy kindling!  Well unless you have large trees dropping lots and lots of 1cm plus twigs into your yard.  You need good kindling to make the fire set.

We recommend 1-2 bags of Kindling with every tonne of Firewood ordered.

There is a time in the fires cycle that the paper and twigs you use to start the fire have lost their energy.  At this point, if the fire was built correctly, your kindling will be alight and providing strong flame and heat.  This "in-between" sized wood is what sets the logs or larger pieces of wood on fire.  Skipping the kindling will only result in the fire not getting to heat in the right amount of time and therefor not setting the larger pieces properly alight.

For best results scrunch up some newspaper or fire lighters and place 3 handfuls of small twigs on top of that then several pieces of Kindling over the top of the twigs, finally add 1 or 2 smaller logs standing against kindling in a pyramid shape.

With this technique, you should be able to start fires effortlessly, in a few minutes EVERY TIME .

Who Should I Buy From?

When purchasing firewood for sale you need to make sure that the business is following the State Laws governing firewood.  It is a crime to collect firewood from a State Forrest unless you go on a day that is sanctioned by the Government.  These days are normally at the beginning of Autumn.   You are not allowed to sell this wood as a business or enterprise.  So make sure that your supplier is getting their wood from a appropriate supplier.  At Manna Gum Building And Garden Supplies we use a set of farmers who follow all the Environmental Laws for producing firewood and have their wood delivered to our yard in Ferntree Gully.

Where Do We Supply To?

Supplying quality ready to burn firewood to:

Bayswater 3153, Bayswater North 3153, Belgrave 3160, Belgrave Heights 3160, Belgrave South 3160, Boronia 3155, Endeavour Hills 3802, Ferntree Gully 3156, Heathmont 3135, Kallista 3791, Kalorama 3766, Kilsyth 3137, Kilsyth South 3137, Knoxfield 3180, Lysterfield 3156, Menzies Creek 3159, Mount Dandenong 3767, Monbulk 3793, Montrose 3765, Narre Warren East 3804, Narre Warren North 3804, Olinda 3788, Ringwood East 3135, Rowville 3178, Sassafras 3787, Scoresby 3179, The Basin 3154, The Patch 3792, Tremont 3785, Upper Ferntree Gully 3156, Upwey 3158, Wantirna 3152, Wantirna South 3152, Wheelers Hill 3150.

We can deliver further out than this 10km radius, please call to check delivery fees.

So settle down for a winter filled with cozy, warm rooms heated by a natural fire.

There is nothing more wonderful than staring into the flames and feeling that restoring heat flow over you.

Wishing you a great, warm winter.


About the Author Darren Stiles

Hi, I am Darren and I have been running Manna Gum for the last 20 years. Boy does time fly by. Before running a Building and Garden supply business I ran my own Brick Laying business. I know what it means to roll up your sleeves and bend into the work and I know that getting the things you need, to be delivered on time and be of good quality, means everything. If you have any questions, give me a yell. Cheers.