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Using Steel Art And Sculpture In Your Garden

Last week I talked about rocks and how they can help jazz up a garden and take your home from boring to thoughtful.  Well the next level is Steel Art and Sculptures.  Steel

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Using The Same Sized Pots In Row Is Called Linear Repetition

12 Potting Ideas That Will Change The Way You Use Garden Pots

It is one of those items that we have not stocked a lot of until recently.  Garden Pots have made a huge comeback in the last few years and in this article I will put together

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Stones In Your Yard

How To Use Stones, Pebbles And Rocks In Your Garden

Everyone loves grass.  I agree, grass looks beautiful and we need a nice lawn around the yard to make it look tidy but when it comes to doing something really special with a garden

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Have You Ever Used A Planter Box?

The longer I am in this game the more I seem to become surprised by things.  Just the other day I met someone who didn’t know what a planter box was or why they are so useful.  It made me think

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Storing Firewood Inside

The Problem With Storing Firewood And How To Do It Right

Well, it’s one thing to collect your firewood, whether you cut it yourself or have it delivered, but it is another thing to store it so you don’t cause yourself additional problems or lose

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Gabion Basket Wall At Mannagum Building And Garden Supplies

Gabion Baskets For Retaining Walls, Walls, Garden Features And Foundations

Some technologies last longer than others.  Gabion Baskets – where stones are contained within metal mesh-like netting and used as walls or stabilisers – have existed for thousands

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